Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's All Gone A Bit Wacky

One of the great things about LRF, is the simple fact that you can't help but experiment. Even better though, most things you are prepared to try just seem to work. A session on Sunday evening dedicated to using Zappu Inch Wacky heads, with Gulp Rag worm saw amazingly good results - With no less than 6 species landed and in good numbers too.
Rigging the worm Wacky style gave it the most natural presentation possible. If you have ever seen a Rag worm swimming, you will have observed the snake like undulated movement. With a little subtlety on my part, I was able to emulate this pretty nicely. This fish obviously agreed, they weren't shy about engulfing it.
The build of these heads is pretty awesome, using a non-toxic Tungsten, rather than Lead weight that they call 'space Metal' - They are also nowhere near as harmful to the environment. Can't be a bad thing eh.
They are built on quality Owner hooks, a nice gauge wire - Being designed primarily for the hard fighting Black Bass market, they are definitely capable of holding much bigger fish. I'm looking forward to trying this with the Wrasse come Summer, I can see them really smashing this stuff.
Finally managed to bag a (tiny)Flounder LRF. I'm not really surprised that it came to a worm imitation as Rag worm are probably the main food source around this time of year, it makes sense that they'll be on the look out for anything that looks, or moves in a similar way.
The photo above show's Mike Sullivan's first Scorpion Fish - New species? Dwarf Sea Scorpion LOL. Mike has just started writing a Blog dedicated to UK Rock fishing. He's enthusiastic about his fishing and I'm sure there will be some pretty cool content in there over the coming months and hopefully years.

I just want to add here, that anyone who believes LRF and associated tactics are nothing new and do nothing to build your lure fishing skill set - You really need to start opening your minds and thinking outside the box a little. LRF isn't going to be for everyone, but experimentation works and builds an ever bigger picture.


  1. Great to see these light game and rockfish blogs appearing out there. Article has merit, great content and is 'different'.

    If i see another angler with squid about to eat IT I'll scream.

    Great blog Matt. Keep it going.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sensei LOL.

    Adapt or be left behind eh.

  3. Excellent stuff Matt.
    I am seriously surprised by how big the lure is compared to what's attacking it. And "they" say don't be afraid of chucking a big lure / bait at a bass!
    Excellent stuff thanks.

  4. Another fantastic article matt, i mrealt taken with the wacky heads got an idea going to test out tonight i think mate.
    Thanks for the link too.. Rock fishing in all it's forms is growing.

  5. Six species, great fishing Matt, especially good on a new method. Similar to Ben's results with a rag worm imitation, they really seem to go for it. Keen to see it in action at this weeks meet.

  6. Good read there Matt. Nice to see someone using a new technique that works.