Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Great British Weather

I've not had chance to get out for the last few days and typically, now that I have a few evenings free for some Light Game - The weather has turned snotty. It doesn't surprise me, I have lived in Britain all of my life. We can have 4 seasons in a day over here. I'll still get out though, got to preserve my sanity somehow... My head is swimming with work and wedding stuff...

Anyhow, thought I'd add a few photo's from last week's Plymouth LRF meet. This time though, taken by local lure fisherman Andrew Younger.

Andrew is a pro photographer, and the shots he took are(as you can see) awesome! By shooting on high ISO with no flash, he was able to capture the mood with the photo's he took. Hats of to the man, he's a keen fisherman and it takes a lot to tear yourself from your rod while others are laying into fish.
The urban setting and lighting make for some pretty special photo's in my opinion. A totally different feel to the wild coastal scenery that you'd usually see while out after Bass.
This week I've spent a lot(and I mean A LOT!) of time selecting a new rod for the season ahead. It'll be coming over from Japan and hopefully be something quite special. This one will be my Bass rod, with a Rockfish rod on the way before Summer fully hits.

I've also been busy planning something pretty special for a few local lure boys and myself. I've not revealed anything about it yet, but I'll be getting emails out this week. Should be pretty special!


  1. Shiney new rods eh! Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh, and bent into some fish. Miserable weather, I was out in the harbour in full wet weather gear last night, still worth it tho.

  2. I had no idea that you were such a tackle tart, because of course I am not...........!!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say, some very cool pix indeed.

  4. I'm shocked that you'd tar me with the 'tart' brush Henry! I hate shiny fishing tackle... LOL

    Paul - Fair play to you for getting out mate. Definitely looking forward to the new rod getting 'bent' this summer. Can't wait!

  5. SLOW START? A very slow start to 2012. Why start a blog and not continue at all?