Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lighten up, it's just better that way

The Plymouth LRF scene is growing very rapidly, with this week's meet showing around 15 anglers. unfortunately the conditions were set against us, with gusty winds making it very difficult to keep in contact with your jig. I started off the night with 4 fish including a good Pollack in quick succession but was missing loads of bites as I was using a 2.5g head with a #5 hook. Most caught fish in the testing conditions, always great to see the smile on peoples faces even when catching fingerling size fish. Of course though, they aren't all small.
Pollack, Plymouth - Straw Tail Grub
If this light approach to lure fishing keeps growing, we're going to have something massive on our hands. Obviously this Japanese import has been going on for a couple years in the UK , with it's roots firmly set in the Channel Islands. The seeds were sewn, now the growth is steady - How many will we be in 5 years time? How many of the UK's summer visitors will be 'proper' lure fishing targets?
Specimen Sea Scorpion, Plymouth Meet - Paul Gunning
 If the terrain allows, there is no reason why we shouldn't be targeting Bass and Wrasse on this tackle. Obviously I'm not going to be taking 6lb braid out on barnacle covered reefs in windy conditions, but if I know I can 'play' a fish out, then I'm going to take advantage and have some fun. 
Pollack, Plymouth - Spro Trout Sbiro
Had a nice package arrive from Japan yesterday. I used the online shop Rakuten to get my mitts on a Rivally floatation vest. Very nice bit of kit, large pockets will take double sided lure trays and there are d-rings especially placed for your Boga's. There is a small, zipped pouch on the back - probably just large enough to take a small amount of food(I eat too much when I go out fishing anyway!) and a handily placed, insulated drinks bottle holder.
Rivally RBB BV-10
 Obviously the fact that it is built on a buoyancy aid is a huge advantage over other chest packs available in the UK. I do consider myself a capable swimmer, but there are some marks I fish that would involve a lengthy swim if I were to fall in. With 50nm of buoyancy, it wouldn't keep me alive if I were unconscious - but that isn't why I bought it. It is simply there for assistance, should the worst happen. Plus, I think it looks damn cool!
Giant Goby, Plymouth - EcoGear Aqua  Straw Tail Grub


  1. OooH
    Mr Matt
    i see many report about RF in your country, do you never try the casting kabura (duel) are so nice.

    cool your gamevest!

  2. Have never used a Kabura. They look cool. Looking at using skirted jig heads with various SP's.

    I love the vest!

  3. That vest looks a great bit of kit Matt. Very impressed with the delivery time as well, good result.

  4. Yep the vest is awesome Paul. I was very impressed by the delivery time. Posted on the Monday and delivered Friday.

  5. muy bueno tu blog amigo aqui te dejo el mio
    un saludo amigo

  6. Hola amigo y agradable oír de usted. Usted tiene algunos pescados muy buenos en su blog. Agregaré su acoplamiento.