Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Inner Magpie

I guess that in some ways, you really can compare a modern Lure Angler and a Magpie. Both are attracted, quite uncontrollably to shiny, flashy objects. The Magpie has it easy though, he'll never pay £20.00 for a lure!

Yo-Zuri EBA Shad 50mm 4g
I've been looking at lots of smaller hardbody's, primarily used for Bream in Australia and Japan, although there is a big crossover with the Trout market as well.

Bassday Umibaku Shad 40mm 2.6g
Most of these mini wonders are rated under 7g, so can be used with your tube tip Light Game rod. I'm thinking Mackerel, Garfish and Bass this summer on the light gear. I've always been fascinated with Garfish and the way they tailwalk and leap dramatically during the fight, a real Summer light game fighter.
Jackson RA POP 70mm 7g
We're well into February now, the light of evening is slowly, but surely extending its reach. It's always a nice feeling, knowing the Spring and Summer are around the corner. With any luck, we've had our freeze for the winter and the sea temps will creep up a little earlier this year. Was a late start to the Bass season for most people last year, with local sea temps staying under 10c until mid May.

It's a been a very good week so far. Work is busy, Wedding preparations are almost finished and I've had a bit of awesome news from elsewhere. Hope fully I'll be able to expand on that soon, but suffice to say I'm a very happy Matt!


  1. Really liking the look of the small lures Matt - Hopefully I will be joining you with the sub 5g plugs as the weather warms up. I am putting off spending the cash yet, will have to see how you get on, and what comes to the market. Some of the light Ecogear plugs are looking very tasty.

  2. Hi Matt.

    Those EBA Shad... They look just like a MB diving Flap Slap. These reach the 2m+ mark quite well where as you get the normal Flap Slap with a bill of not much more than a cm and they cruise down to about a metre or so. Cant wait to use mine that I have been buying thru the winter once Spring arrives.

    Thanks as always for a great read

    Andy :)