Friday, 21 January 2011

EcoGear - Pocket IN Mebaru

I've been using EcoGear Light Game bit's for a couple months now. If I'm totally honest, I've only got great things to say about it. The kit I want to focus on is the Pocket-In Mebaru set, a modern day bargain at £12.95 - Literally containing everything you need to go out and catch yourself a Rockfish.

Containing 2 types of softbait, jig head's to match and even a couple of scent capsules for good measure. My favourite bait being the Grass Minnow SS, which comes in at a whopping 1 1/8''(28mm). This lure has definitely taken the most species so far. Perfect for ultra slow retrieve styles, covering plenty of ground. The small profile gets confident bites from fish of all sizes.

The other bait contained in the set is the 2'' Power Shirasu. This is essentially a straight tailed bait with a small ball on the end, which helps get the tail moving in such a way which entices fish to bite. The lure is provided in 2 colours - My pack contains pearl glow and pink. Both are effective colours for UK Light Rock Fishing(LRF). You can work the Power Shirasu on a straight retrieve with small shakes of the rod tip, on the drop(OTD), or use it for vertical jigging under your feet. Very effective fish catchers.

Check out this Bass caught by Paul Gunning in the local Estuary. He was using a 0.4-6g LRF rod, 5lb Braid and a 6lb fluoro leader. This gear is totally capable of handling better fish when they come along. I'm definitely going to be having a crack at the Bass and other Summer species on my Light Game gear this year. Once you go light, there's no going back.....


  1. Do you get to do much fresh water fishing down there matt or are you salt only?

    Perch would love those little sp's from Ecogear.

  2. Hi James.

    I'm a salt man all the way. The closest canal is probably 50 miles away - should really make an effort to have a go at the Perch this year though. Definitely looks fun.