Friday, 28 January 2011

It's been a busy week with work and weather getting in the way of fishing - Funny how time seems to just slip away from you sometimes. I have managed to get out locally for a couple hours of Night Light Game. Was an interesting evening as usual, finicky fish meant I had to chop and change lures and technique to induce a bite. It was the EcoGear Straw Tail Grub that was doing the damage this time.

Whiting - EcoGear Straw Tail Grub 2'' (clear glow)

The Plymouth LRF meet looks set in stone as a fortnightly event now, with more turning up and having a go. Plenty of marks still to explore in the area and a couple marks already standing out as holding the better stamp of fish. Too early to call so far, but if numbers of participants grow as expected, Plymouth could well be the LRF epicentre of mainland UK.
Sea Scorpion - Plymouth LRF meet

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