Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Light is on, anyone home?

You may well have noticed, my focus is fully on the Light Game(LRF) techniques for the winter. The amount of pure fun involved is surely the key to so many people now converting to the 'light side'. There are many, many species available to us on this light tackle. Yes, a lot of them are pretty small, but most definitely not all.

The recent 5lb+ Wrasse capture by Kev White of JerseyBassGuides on a 0.5-5g rockfish rod confirms that IF you have the necessary skill when it comes to playing out a fish, monsters like this are a realistic catch on this ultralight gear. There are details of his catch on their blog. While you're there, join up to the new Forum that they've created, some interesting stuff on there for sure.

I've been doing a little trawling around Japanese sites, courtesy of GoogleTranslate. There are some really interesting articles out there, written by anglers that really know their stuff. By far the most concise set of information I've found for Rockfishing is this Japanese site . Read it, store it, use it. A lot applies to our own Light Rock Fish, so it's well worth absorbing.

I'll leave you with a video from the AnglingSalt(Japanese publication) channel on Youtube.

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