Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Great Fish Fight - Just who is winning?

I'm guessing some, but hopefully most of you will have seen Hugh's Fish Fight on Channel4 last night.

Some of the footage was pretty moving. It showed Commercial Fisherman having to dump up to 75% of their catch back overboard - Because it was not in quota! Prime Cod and Coalie, discarded as if it were nothing. Insane.

The EU quota's in place are just plain cr*p. They don't take the pressure off these fish by putting them on a limited 'landing' quota. These fish are still being caught, in numbers as high as if they had been the main target. It can't be helped, as they are present with the fish that the Fisherman 'are' able to land.

There is a petition in place at, please visit this site sign up, then go and tell your friends to do the same. I've no idea just how many people it will take to stand up, be counted and put an end to this. But the message is clear - Things MUST change.

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